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Let's get this right!

How many times have you said "never again"?
(and  then it happens again)

How many times have you tried to start over
(only for the same thing to happen. Again!)

How many more failed relationships before you get it right?
How many new jobs?
How many resolutions?
How many heartbreaks?

We all learn from our mistakes, but sometimes problems just seem to keep repeating. Ever feel like that? It just goes wrong again!

If there was a foolproof plan to make sure that every time you start over, it works in the best way possible, would you want to know?


Join us in January for STARTING OVER, and let us show you

- The three myths you believe that keep you repeating the same mistakes

- The three keys you can use to ensure that next time will be the last time!

It's free, it's fun, and we guarantee an uplifting, life-changing experience.

Starting Sunday 7th Jan at 6pm

URBAN CHURCH / Longshaw Street / WA5 0DY


Sundays at 6

Join us every Sunday at 6pm for great worship, inspirational talks and genuine friendship.


(and fabulous coffee. Seriously!)

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